Coming About

In the waves of change we find our true direction

It has  been exactly  a  year, to the  day, since   we  returned  from the  islands and  our  giant  pair of  skis  to the   craziness of the   corona  virus  world.  I  only managed  to  get the little  skis  out on the snow once this  season  and  will  likely be  putting those  away  soon. There are many  parallels , yes intentional ;-),  between  skiing and  sailing. “Tacking back and  forth” is  just one of them.  Perhaps  a  bigger one is the  nature of the people the  two  sports  attract.  In a  coconut shell, sailors and skiers are   adventurous  outdoor  people who are willing to put  up  with the  whims of  mother nature in  pursuit of a  little fun. 

We are a product of our families and dad was a sailor. On perfect days, tiller in hand, he would go into a trance like state, in the groove, his breathing would change and his focus would sharpen. I only observed this in him when he was steering his boat, but it happened many times. I , perhaps, experienced something similar as a lad when skippering a dinghy for the first time, but I think that was something different. I was making dad proud and that made me happy. After college, as youth often do, I came about and sailed on a different tack . Due to career building, young family and indecision, I was directionless, without a rudder, and in irons when it came to pastime passions. Eventually I became a skier, and pursued a sport that dad had never tried.

On perfect mountain days, I’ve occasionally found that elusive trance like groove where everything falls into place, is effortless and just happens. It’s quite a wonderful thing and as I’m discovering right now very difficult to put into words. Nevertheless, things internal and external change , it’s the nature of the universe. For me the wind has shifted and for now I’ll be sailing on a different tack in search of the perfect ocean day. With sails trimmed , hulls in harmony with the sea, and dancing to the rhythm of the waves, dad’s sailing trance can’t be that far away. The quandary remains, however, sailing and skiing , port and starboard which is which ? I’ll contemplate that the next time I’m ” in the zone” because I’ll need both to get anywhere.

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Striving to be a better boat .

One thought on “Coming About

  1. This was a bit more thought provoking than your last post. I can only imagine how much your father would have enjoyed, and been proud, to see how much his sons have come to love what was once his passion, and one that he had shared with them (you). You are very fortunate to have those memories!

    May I also add, that although I am not an adventurous skier or a sailor, I have benefited greatly by having great friends and a husband that are, and who have allowed me to tag along and let my adventurous side soar……in it’s own way! I can’t wait to set sail (well, I’ll sit while you set :P) one day on Sea Sea. Here’s to many more ski and sailing adventures!


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