Skinny Legs

Be content to progress in slow steps until you have legs to run and wings with which to fly. 

Pio of Pietrelcina

This in the dinghy dock in Coral Bay which is a few proverbial steps from the iconic Skinny Legs Bar and Grill. Google skinny legs and this establishment will be at the top of the list, just before all the workout solutions meant to remedy lower extremity flesh deficiency. I suspect this is because of the popularity of the place and rather than the magic of search engine optimization. According to their website it was established in 1991. We were introduced to the bar and grill in 2014, by the Jones’ which may or may not be their real name to protect the innocent …well they are not that innocent as we would likely be perfectly content on the mainland had it not been for them ( I put this part in just for you Lori). Anyway imagine my pleasant surprise to find a decorative wooden chart of the Virgin Islands in an Annapolis shop shortly after that first visit. I quickly identified St John on that map and was amused to find that the only thing labeled on the entirety of the island was the location of Skinny Legs. That’s how special this restaurant is to its patrons.

I like a good burger but don’t have them very often, I once went without one for over 5 years … a story for another day . When I do indulge the burger better be good as I have no time crappy run of the mill burgers . Unlike the Cheeseburgers in Paradise at Margaritaville in St Thomas ( nice place , underwhelming burger, sorry Jimmy) , the burgers at Skinny Legs are really good. Just don’t order fries or anything made in an electric blender as they proudly have no deep frier and are a ” blender-free-zone”. Which is fine with me.

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5 thoughts on “Skinny Legs

  1. Hmmmm……so Bill, are you saying that in a round about way, I or we are responsible for your giant ski’s? 🙂

    Skinny Legs definitely does have character and it has grown since our first visit bringing in the new millennium down in St. John. So glad we were able to share it with you guys, and sooooo looking forward to visiting again one day!

    I have never in all of our visits, had my photo taken with the sign! My legs do not qualify, where as you nicely fit right in!


      1. I thought about that, but since you mentioned my first name, well, the jig was up! But I know that there are at least 3 L.J.’s in my town alone, sooooooo……..they’ll never find me!


  2. Skinny Legs is indeed an institution. Some of the folks at the bar look like they’ve been there since opening day, and after a while you start to get this feeling that joining them isn’t such a bad idea. Be advised that Skinny Legs operates on island time. If you don’t know what that is, then you need to find out before you visit. Then you’ll understand and appreciate the experience all the more.


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