Woman Behind The Wheel

Maybe truth and compassion could become a new trend with a woman behind he wheel.

Kelly Mcguire

On christening day I was caught with deer in the headlights surprise when asked how this dream came to be. From my mouth came the words ” well, nobody said no” , I was of course thinking of dear wife Sandy . While not always enthusiastic about my crazy ideas she rarely says no and eventually becomes my partner in crime. She has descended snow covered slopes in awful frigid winds , climbed mountain trails in breathless tropical heat, kayaked ocean waters in torrential downpours , swam with barracuda , danced in ski boots and eaten raw fish. Now she is driving our boat. All because I thought it would be a good idea. *

I’m perfectly happy letting her drive the boat. Taking pictures and snorkeling can be my job, heck I’ll even weigh the anchor and handle the sails. No biggy … SeaSea has an electric windlass and winches. Thanks sweetie .

*Well, in the interest of transparency and full disclosure climbing the subtropical mountain and kayaking in a monsoon were not entirely my idea … are you reading Nigel .

Published by billtan

Striving to be a better boat .

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