The books all say that barracuda rarely eat people, but very few barracuda can read. — Dave Barry

These guys get a lot of respect in this world. Think of it: cars, hard drives, security networks, books, and songs all carry their name. They are the bad boys of the sea. Eyes wide open, the new snorkeler or diver will recount their first encounter. Old-timers still feel the tingle of a meeting and keep their distance, knowing there is no way to counter 30 knots underwater velocity. Fortunately for us, humans are not that tasty. Other fish may not be so lucky; The smaller ones risk being swallowed whole, and the larger ones often find themselves bitten in half by 2 rows of teeth before dinner.

So what is the story of the little guy flanking the boss? Opportunity! He’s looking for crumbs. Not in the photo, but this big guy had a whole entourage. It’s a common theme in the natural world. Many species are up for a good scavenger hunt, given the right situation. Think, vultures, hyenas, crabs, lobsters. Perhaps less obvious are bear, lion, shark, eagle, and of course, people. Not to be left out, barracuda are known to follow divers around hoping to steal some spoils. Respect but don’t fear the barracuda. They swim throughout the Caribbean and most warmer oceans. This one was patrolling Frances Bay just a stones throw from the popular Maho Bay Beach on St John.

Only one music video is appropriate here.

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One thought on “Barracuda

  1. Great song! Great photo……though he looks too close for comfort! I’m curious…..did you modify your comments? I don’t recall it mentioning the location of your encounter previously. Sorry, i fear anything swimming in the water with TEETH!


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