Saint John Pumpkins

If you’re ever wondering what to wear, just dress like a pumpkin, you’re good to go.

Devendra Banhart

I’m about to let you in on a bit of a secret. There are pumpkins all over the Caribbean. They hide in plain view, typically on higher ground or a drier microclimate. Botanists who are in on the rouse call them with a wink, Melocactus intortous. The uninitiated think they are cactus and wonder why they are here. ” I’m in the islands; I got here by cruise ship. Aren’t these things supposed to be in the desert?” Well, yes, they are, but these aren’t your typical cacti. These are pumpkins incognito, on vacation, avoiding carving knives and pie makers. They are most definitely trying to stay out of the dessert. Pretty good costume, I’d say. Happy Halloween.

I’ve eaten a lot of pies since the following song came out in 1981.

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