Leverick Bay

Every man should pull a boat over a mountain once in his life.

Werner Herzog

Let’s face it , if you’re in the islands chartering a yacht or God forbid piloting your own boat than you have likely already pulled that a figurative boat over the figurative mountain, either that or you have been very, very lucky. I did my nautical mountaineering as a young man, not sure I could do it now, though I like to fool myself that a I could. Composite carbon fiber hulls are certainly a lot lighter than the classics but something tells me they are even harder to get over that metaphorical mountain . But I digress…

The pool at Leverick Bay

Leverick Bay is a wonderful stopping/shopping place at the Northeast side of Virgin Gorda . Its a a water sport haven on Gorda Sound ( aka North Sound) . Jet skis, beach cats paddle boards are available for rent. There is also a full service dive shop on site. Guests, whether in a slip , on mooring ball or hotel room are welcome to use the above swimming pool .

More mundane but perhaps an even bigger draw is the on site laundry and grocery store. The latter is well stocked . When the laundry is done head over to the restaurant and finish the day at the beach bar, Jumbies … they have a pirate.

If you fancy land travel you can catch a taxi from the Marina/Hotel complex to Spanish town or the Baths. Below are some of the water toys available for rent … including our dinghy George and SeaSea, who is being bashful at the moment and hiding in the distance . See if you can find them.

Leverick Bay

For fun google ” flip flops required” unless you are an engineer, I suspect you will wrinkle your nose, squint your eyes and say “whaaaat?” And last but not least , flip flops are required … just kidding.

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  1. So the Google links made perfect sense to me. Are you telling me that it’s not common knowledge that an N-state state machine requires ceil( log2(N) ) flip-flops? Geez, what’s the world coming to?

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