Good Morning

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.

William Arthur Ward

The same old same old …

There is comfort in monotony. You’ve been there and done that. The days merge together. It’s easy and because each day is the same and because the routine has already been sorted there is an economy of effort. You’re on autopilot. You drive to work and unless it’s snowing you don’t even remember the drive. How did I get here you ask yourself. You are following a script that you probably didn’t even write. It’s your brain’s response to civilization.

The cost of comfort is monotony. Of course we can break the monotony with a random vacation here or there. We can sign ourselves up for a tour that someone else has sorted or go to the same tourist trap over and over again. There are proponents of these approaches, and I admit enjoying both such diversions from time to time.

Make your time count …

Could there be a better way? Maybe. True adventurers risk their personal comfort and sometimes futures to completely do their own thing. They find something that excites them and they follow that passion wherever it takes them. Most of us don’t have that kind of courage. But with a disciplined mindset we can do it part time. Find your passion, then spend your leisure time honing the skills to follow your dreams.

Don’t miss the opportunity, to wake in a new port each day, Create Your Own Adventure, and make your time count. After all every day is a new day and you only have a hundred years.

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Striving to be a better boat .

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