We are here

“There are many spokes on the wheel of life . First we’re here to explore new possibilities”

Ray Charles

January 11, 2020

Sea Sea is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. As of this writing her position is N 22° 49′ 27.58″ W 049° 30’52.19″, as denoted by the blue arrow on the map. On December 28, the vessel departed from La Rochelle, France as a passenger aboard the general cargo ship “Impala”. She’s on a course of 237° at 11.8 knots and scheduled to arrive in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, on January 14 at 6 am . A professional delivery crew will sail her on her own hulls to her new home , CYOA in St. Thomas, USVI.

Most of her commissioning , bottom paint, solar panels , rigging was completed at Uchimata Sailing Services in France . Upon arrival in St Thomas she her natural gas system will be converted to propane and she will be fitted with such amenities as a convection microwave and flat screen TV , decadent yes, but necessary to watch DVDs of Captain Ron . Soon she will be ready to explore new possibilities.

This little project of ours started just about a year ago. At times it does not seem possible that it is actually happening . Our 23,000 pounds of svelte fiberglass reinforced plastic has started her journey. Somehow, it seems appropriate that our life course correction is occurring in the first year of the new decade. Here’s looking forward to good times and good friends . Happy New Year.

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