The affliction

“Concealing an illness is like keeping a beach ball under water. “

Karen Duffy

So if sailing is an affliction our relapse started a few years ago with a trip back to the Islands. In our early years Sandy and I had vacationed in the Bahamas and honeymooned on St. Thomas. Then came the financial decision to distance ourselves from boating and our beloved Chesapeake Bay. We know some people manage to do it on the cheep, but for most, boats and waterfront property have a way of draining a bank account. We stayed nearby, but far enough that for a few decades large bodies of water were largely out of a sight and out of mind.

In the year 2014 we were invited, by our dear friends the Joneses, which to protect the innocent may or may not be their real name, to a beautiful vacation home located in St. John, USVI. Guess what? St. John is an Island. It is in the middle of a big wet mess of the bluest turquoise water you ever want to see. Boats of all shapes and sizes float there, lots of them. We hire a blue catamaran, Calypso, and do some sailing and snorkeling on a gray drizzly day. No matter the weather, it was a glorious time. Little did we realize, this little nautical outing was akin to handing an ex-smoker a cigarette. One won’t hurt. Yes it does.

Calypso 2014

Top photo is of “The Baths” , British Virgin Islands 1986.

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