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SeaSea’s new license

I haven’t written about the British Virgin Islands in a long time, even though it is only a moderate swim from the north side of St John, because it didn’t seem right. The BVIs were closed during covid to just about everyone, including US-based bareboats. No point in writing about a place you can’t go.

That has changed; SeaSea can sail to go to the British side again. But since SeaSea first sailed, the rules have changed. You used to be able to go to customs on Tortola, pay the fee, and be on your way. Of course, it still helps to check in on the British side to avoid fines and jail time, but now the boat must also be licensed. Fortunately, that license is in hand, albeit at tremendous cost and effort. On the bright side, due to the new rules, is a portable VHF radio to play with, and the vessel’s name and a whistle now decorate all the lifejackets.

I don’t know the politics behind these changes, but my hunch is that it had nothing to do with covid or safety. It was inevitable; the Queen was getting old, and the Brits knew they would eventually need a boat load of pounds to pay for a fancy coronation. So why not find a way to make American boat owners pay for it? Make sense to me. Thanks, Charles. ( It probably does not need to be said, but know this last bit is in jest.)

The feature photo is of Jost Van Dyke, close to Foxy’s, looking out at the anchorage. There is ( or was I haven’t been there since 2020) a customs office here, and they will be happy to check you into the BVI’s and take cash, and cash only, off your hands. 😉

From London a long time ago.

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