When I see a slippery slope , my instinct is to build a terrace

John McCarthy

Catamarans don’t heel much, at least not enough to need a terrace, so I had to devise another way to evaluate the boat shoes on the coffee mugs aboard SeaSea. Sailing isn’t all about exotic ports and colorful sunsets. A stable vessel for the morning Joe* is an absolute must.

Perhaps not a must, and you would be justified in wanting to leave the 110 outlets and USB ports ashore, but the reality is most of us are addicted to devices that need power. It’s almost embarrassing how many of theses things grace the berths and the saloon of our little cat.

Not all galley-ware comes from the chandler’s shop** as the the knives in our galley hail from IKEA.

To finish off this little talk of kitchen ware, electronic addiction and morning libations, we have from the 2018 Album ” Black Coffee” this little ditty.

*In 1914 Secretary of the Navy, Josephus Daniels banned alcohol from all U.S. Naval ships. Coffee became the strongest beverage abroad and came to be known sarcastically , as Josephus Daniels, later shortened to the slang we use today, a cup of Joe.

** How candlemakers got into the business of selling ship supplies is beyond me.

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