To understand the hidden secret of the modern industrial world in which I find myself, I have to return to another world. That world is at once wartime Nice and the plantation – the sugar isles on which Europe’s prosperity was built.

J. M. G. Le Clezio

When sailing the pristine waters of the Caribbean, surrounded by lush green islands, it is easy to forget this place had a difficult past. The sugar plantations that made their owners rich, and Europe prosperous required the arduous labor of slaves. Pictured here is the Annaberg Sugar Plantation that was establish in 1731. By the 1800 it was the largest of 21 sugar plantations on St John .

The best way to get here by boat is to moor in Leinster Bay , take the dinghy to shore and walk west along the beach until you reach the road and parking lot. There will be signage from there.

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