Upside Down

“The world is wrong side up. It needs to be turned upside down in order to be right side up.”     

Billy Sunday

12/14/2020. We are past hurricane season and SeaSea is back afloat after spending a couple month on the hard in Puerto Rico. But it’s still 2020 and that quote of Billy Sunday pretty much sums up this year. As of this writing travel in the islands remains restricted . Entry into the British Virgin Islands is permitted only through the T B Lettsome International Airport. You will need a negative Covid 19 test before entry and again 4 days after entry . God forbid one tests positive after entry. Can you say 14 day quarantine … while on vacation ? Ferry ports for vessels from outside of the Territory are due to re-open on January 21, 2021.

But , no worries, the US Virgin Islands, can be entered with a negative test without need to retest ( unless you get sick) and they have plenty to offer: Quiet coves, spectacular beaches , crystal clear water, snorkeling, diving, good eats , history , culture, hiking , a pizza boat, and yes, sailing. Aside from that little jaunt on the airplane (wear an N95) , a bareboat charter in the Virgin Islands allows for some really great social distancing.

The above entry requirements were obtained form official sources but please double check . Requirements change rapidly .

For anyone needing outboard motor parts . Contact us for the location of image above. It might still be there.

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One thought on “Upside Down

  1. I’ve got to recommend the pizza boat. You haven’t lived until you’ve pulled up alongside it and ordered a pizza. While you’re waiting you can always get in a quick snorkel. Here’s hoping the boat survives the COVID madness


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