Surprise !


” If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.  ”    

Eleanor Roosevelt

6/24/2020 . Sandy and I returned from the 10 day shake down voyage of SeaSea on March 12 2020. No significant problems . We are thrilled with our new boat. She is just about perfect and the islands are grand.

We return to the real world and … Surprise! It’s closed . What ? Yup . gotta wear a mask and not the snorkeling kind. If it’s not essential its closed. Can our charter guests travel to St Thomas ? Not really , might get a flight there , but if you don’t live there you can not legally check into a hotel , airbnb , or charter yacht so there is no place to stay . Yikes.

Fast forward to June 1 and the USVI finally opens to charter boats. By June 20 SeaSea has completed her first voyage with guests. We sincerely hope she took them on a fantastic adventure . Many thanks.

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One thought on “Surprise !

  1. Yes, she took us on a fantastic adventure!!! She is a very lovely boat. We treated her kindly, and in return she took us to wonderful places making treasured memories along the way. My only regret is that my son and daughter-in-love couldn’t join us due to COVID-19 work complications. We will forever remember our 2020 summer bareboat voyage aboard the beautiful SeaSea. Thank you for putting her in the fleet at CYOA.

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